Terms and Conditions

By making a booking to visit the Cats Meow Kittea Cafe you agree to the following; 

While in the café you will abide by these simple rules and guidelines set out to allow our guests, our staff and our cats, a stress free and comfortable visit.

     * Don't pick up the cats - its their choice to sit on your knee.

     * Walk gently, play gentle - you are welcome to remove your shoes - but we don't insist, just be

        careful to not step on our friends.  Please don't hit or poke the cats with the toys, don't pull ears,

        whiskers or tails, if the cats want to interact with you they will!

    * Let sleeping cats lie - if our cats are having a snooze please let them, they will wake up soon and

       be refreshed and ready to play.

    * Don't try and steal the attention of a cat already playing.  There are plenty cats to go around!

    * Don't feed the cats - our cats do have access to complete cat food - its not good for their tummies

      to eat cake!

  * Any infringement on the above will result in a friendly warning, if this behaviour continues you

       may be asked to leave.

    * Unfortunately children under 8 years old cannot be accommodated.  Children over 8 must be  

      accompanied by an adult. 

    * As this is a relaxing environment please use inside voices.

    * There is no guarantee that the cats will interact with you - Cats, being cats, will do exactly what

       cats wants to do!

     * We don't remove our cats claws, although they are not aggressive, scratches and bites may

        occur accidently - we will not be held responsible for any such injuries. 

     * Please leave your own cat at home!!


  Our staff and cats have the right the work without fear of intimidation, verbal abuse or

  physical assault. 

8a, Corn Exchange Road, Stirling, FK8 2HU

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