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You may not be familiar with the idea of a Cats Café but the concept is relatively simple - a cats café features cats in residence, where guests come in to enjoy their company.

We are a café, focusing on our cats and the therapeutic qualities they can offer our guests. All our food and drinks will be prepared in a cat-free environment.
The Cats Meow Kittea Café will feel like a home from home, furnished with big comfy sofas and quirky knick knacks in every corner, as well as a playground for our cats to entertain you in. The welfare of the cats is an important factor for us so our
experienced cat nanny will be on hand to ensure that both cats and guests have the best possible experience.

You, as our guest, will gain the therapeutic rewards that feline companionship can provide, all within a peaceful setting, with good old Scottish Hospitality.

We are open 7 days a week, pre-booking is essential for guests enjoyment -  see the 'Booking' tab for session times.

Meet our Family - All our cats have been rescued

Pearl, silver grey girl – joined our family September 2015

Pearl does not reside at Cats Meow as she is our rescued semi-feral mouser, but she is a big part of the family and it was partly due to her that Cats Meow was founded. In 2016 Pearl was hit by a car and she broke her pelvis – for the next 6 week Pearl was kept in a cage to allow her injury to heal.  For companionship for Pearl, we decided to get another cat.  A local farmer had two feral kittens that he needed to rehome.

Itsy (tabby girl) & Bitsy (tabby boy) – joined our family July 2016

The farm kittens were approx. 7 weeks old when they arrived – tiny little bundles of fluff! So we named them Itsy and Bitsy ‘cause that’s what they were!!! Both were very wary when they first arrived, as neither had been handled.  Over the weeks Bitsy grew more confident, he can still be wary but does love his cuddles (of his choosing!).  Itsy, well, she has never taken to cuddles or humans.   Itsy is still part of the family and enjoys playing on her own or with her friends, and, likes to play but usually at arms length ! 

Teenie (black girl) & Weenie (black boy) – joined our family August 2016

These little guys arrived two weeks after Itsy and Bitsy and were around the same age.  A rucksack had been left at our local vets door – inside were these little fur babies.  Naming them Teenie and Weenie seemed a good idea at the time, after the title of the old pop song! These little guys had been handled and been brought up well, slightly wild but very lovable. Be careful going to the loo as these pair just love water and can often be found in the sink waiting for someone to turn on the tap!


Sookey black girl, fostered in our family  October 2016

Another call from our local vet had us ‘fostering’ the small, scrawny stray.  When she arrived she sucked her tail, so we called her Sookey.  After two weeks no-one had claimed her, so we started to integrate her into our little clowder.  Over the next few weeks she gained weight and her coat started to shine, in fact we commented on how fat she was getting… Oh yes , she was pregnant and gave birth to 3 boys and 2 girls in November 2017!!

Unfortunately, she never did integrate with the younger cats and once the kittens were weaned a local cat charity, Catflap, rehomed her.  

And the rest (Sookey's babies)

Sookey gave birth to five healthy little babies, 4 black and 1 tabby. The black kittens have coloured collars on to help identify them.

Louie - Blue collar

Louie is a cheeky boy who loves nothing than playing with the rattan wand! Be careful as if he catches it - you will not get it back!!

Dewey - Purple collar

Dewey is very sweet and loves cuddles, stealing cake! He's one half of the Cake Stealing tag team!

Daisy - Yellow collar

Daisy is very vocal and lets everyone know when she wants petted, food and when she's going to the loo!!  She's a little shy to start with but comes round when the toys come out! Also know as the Duracell Bunny as she is always up for playing when everyone else is snoozing!

Maisy  - Red collar

Maisy is the queen! She was the first to walk and eat, and is normally the one in the middle of any mischief , and the other half of the Cake Stealing Tag Team!! She also loves nothing more that curling up in your lap and having a snooze.

Huey tabby boy

Huey, as the only tabby in the litter has been a charmer from day one.  He is vocal and cries to be picked up and cuddled,  he also enjoys stealing cake!

8a, Corn Exchange Road, Stirling, FK8 2HU

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